« The wine of origin »

In 1859, in Arbanats, in a vineyard called “Les Places”, was unearthed what was to prove to be one of the most important discoveries of Roman coins in France. A treasure of 933 Republican denarii, buried there in 49 BC, discovered during agricultural work.
This historical discovery allows us to trace the Graves as the original land of Bordeaux wines. The constitution of this treasure also attests to the fact that the lands of the current vineyards have allowed the production of high quality wines for more than 2000 years, thanks to a secular know-how.
Circulation treasure or hoarding? The hypotheses are numerous and history has not yet allowed us to decide, leaving everyone’s imagination free.
This historical discovery has given its name to the confidential cuvée of Château des Places: RENIVS.

Original Identity Prestige Sophisticated Confidential Gastronomical Epicurean Exception Sharing  Elegance

« A tribute cuvée to the history of Graves »

Selection of the most beautiful bunches of our best parcels harvested by hand.
Vinification in 400L oak barrels.
Fine aromas of ripe black fruits, enhanced by roasted and vanilla notes. In the mouth the wine is velvety and presents a nice balance between power and freshness.

Distribution channels:

at the Château, wine merchants, CHR and export.

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