Our Vineyard has gradually been built up; new plots and property have complemented the estate over the years.

Plots are carefully selected with a specific objective: to constitute a variation of different and complementary soils embracing the diversity of Graves. This allows us to compose unique, different wines that stands out in the world of this appellation. The cultivation is reasoned with tillage or controlled weeding. The quality of our wines is praised each year in numerous national and international competitions as well as magazines and specialized guides..

In the heart of the Graves region, the property now covers 65ha, spread over the entire appellation. Graves Red covers 50ha, Graves White holds 5ha and the appellation Bordeaux / Bordeaux Supérieur has 10ha dedicated to it. The vineyard consists of Merlot (67%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (29%), Cabernet Franc (3%)  and Carménère (1%) for the red wines, whereas the white wine production consists of Semillon (45%), Sauvignon Blanc (38%) and Muscadelle (17%). 

Les Graves de Bordeaux: Geological lace 

These soils and subsoils come from a long and complex history, which is closely linked to the birth of the Garonne river and to the development of its route, as well as the successive glacial episodes of the Quaternary era. A true geological lace, the soils are made up, as its name suggests, of pebbles and large gravel, sands mixed with silts and clays, lying in places on limestone subsoils, but generally on pure sand, alios or clays. These soils with high permeability and the slopes favouring the flow of water ensures optimum regulation of the water supply to the vines.